A Quick List of Great, Halloween-inspired Video Game Tunes!

Good morning boils and ghouls and welcome to another edition of “Games with Coffee.” Happy Halloween!

Whether you’re going to a costume party, handing out candy or trick-or-treating yourself, it always helps to have some tunes prepared to get you into the right mood. With that, I thought I’d share a quick list of Halloween inspired video game tunes to set your day off right! Let’s get into it!

Silent Hill – Main Theme

I’ll be honest – I’ve never played Silent Hill. (Don’t judge me!). Horror games aren’t really my thing, but I love playing the main theme for the game come Halloween time. It hits all the right notes; it’s creepy and eerie and makes me think “Oh man, I’m gonna wet myself if I enter this town, aren’t I?” … Not that I do, I’m a lot more braver than that, but still…

Final Fantasy VII – The Nightmare’s Beginning (Vincent’s Theme)

Ah, Vincent, you morbid, tortured immortal. What I like about this theme for Halloween is that it makes me think of ghost stories. After all, Vincent’s backstory is something out of an urban legend itself – He falls in love with a woman named Lucrecia, a scientist who was part of a team studying a recently discovered ancient life form. However, when he professes his love for her, he is ultimately spurned when she says she has feelings for her colleague, Hojo, a twisted mad scientist with delusions of grandeur. Hojo injects the woman’s fetus with the life form’s cells, mutating her child into the terror known later as Sephiroth, greatly angering Vincent. When he tries to stop the madness, Hojo shoots and modifies him, granting him immortality and the ability to transform into hideous monsters. Now, to this day, he haunts the Shinra Manor in Nibelheim, agonized at the fact that he could not save the one he loves and yearning for a chance at revenge.

You gotta admit, it does make for a great campfire story? As an added bonus to make things excessively creepy, check out this highly experimental, guitar-driven remix of the theme:

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Dracula’s Castle

Literally anything from Castlevania will work to get into the Halloween spirit! I chose this one because it’s one of my favourite themes from one of my favourite games in the series. If you’re looking for something more retro inspired, how about the original “Vampire Killer” theme from the original Castlevania?

If that doesn’t get you into the mood to prepare for little undead monsters asking for treats, I dunno what will?

Kingdom Hearts – This is Halloween

You can’t have Halloween without the Halloween Town theme from the Kingdom Hearts series (originally from The Nightmare Before Christmas)! This is my go-to to get into the Halloween spirit; it’s the perfect, spooky track to put on as the kiddies go door-to-door for candy!

So that’s it, what do you think? Got anymore scary scores, twisted tunes or fearful features to recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

This has been Ryan from “Games with Coffee,” reminding you that whatever you’re doing this Halloween, stay safe, carry a stake or two and some garlic, don’t OD too much on candy and, as always, Keep Gaming and Keep Brewing.

4 thoughts on “A Quick List of Great, Halloween-inspired Video Game Tunes!

  1. Can I just say “The Nightmare’s Beginning” has been on pretty much all of my playlists since the beginning of time (or maybe the beginning of…the nightmare o.O). Final Fantasy VII has a specific motif in many of its songs that just seethes with “a down the rabbit hole” mien, and this is one of them, especially considering the dark stairway you traverse in the Mansion in order to find Vincent. The “Opening~Bombing Mission” does a similar thing with an added bonus of unavoidable fate, which is of course consumed and continued in “One Winged Angel’s” *Sors imanis et inanis* “Fate monstrous and empty” line. Gah, not meaning to suddenly fangirl all over your post, but Final Fantasy VII is my favorite story of all time, and I’m a huge music dork who’s sung Carmina Burana quite a few time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t worry, fangirl away! Funny thing is that the FF VII soundtrack holds an immense place in my heart simply because it’s what brought my little brother and I closer. Both of us are music geeks, he playing four types of instruments and me fiddling around with FL Studio, learning how to remix video game tunes, and it’s from Final Fantasy VII that we found commonality with each other. Today, we’re each other’s best friend.

      As for “The Nightmare’s Beginning” it is such a haunting track that it always makes me think of Halloween. The melancholic harpsichord and that eerie flute-like whistle makes it stand out from other similar tracks. I love it.

      Here’s something that might interest you: I’m writing a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction that uses the FFVII plot as a backbone and incorporates elements from the Sonic games and comics. If you’re interested, you should give it a read – I wrote a post on it in November, so check my archives and take a look!


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