Hey, I’ve got a couple questions for you.

Do you love stories about video game experiences? Do you love to drink coffee? Do you love to read said stories whilst downing a scalding, yet delightful, draught of darkness?

If your answer is “Yes! Yes! God, yes!” then you’ve come to the right place.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Ryan and I welcome you to “Games with Coffee” – a site where I share my opinions on what it means to be a mature and distinguished gamer in this crazy world we live in, all over a hot cup of coffee (I take mine black, with no sugar and no cream. HBU?).

I’m here to talk about my thoughts of games that I’m currently playing, whether it’s brand new or really old, the video game music and remixing scene, tips on how to balance your responsibilities with your desire to play games and personal stories about how my life has been influenced by this amazing industry.


A tale of coffee cup and controller, eternally told

By day, I’m an engineer tasked to improve society by sitting behind a messy desk and designing stuff for buildings. By night I dabble in my hobbies of writing, baking (I’m totally not going to brag*, but I make EPIC cheesecakes and cookies; ask my wife’s grandma about it.) and juggling my many adult responsibilities at home, all while occasionally playing video games on a variety of consoles, handhelds and on my trusty laptop (whom I’ve affectionately named Zelda) and consuming copious cups of coffee. (Say that five times fast).

Alright, so what’s in it for me?

My mission is simple – to share my stories about how video games and video game music have helped me become the person I am today and inspire others who feel the same way to share their own stories as well.

If you already haven’t done so, go ahead and click HERE to read The First Post and go from there. Also, follow me on Instagram for more coffee-guzzling and game-playing madness, as well as updates to the blog and other random things.

If you can relate to a gaming experience I’m talking about, want to suggest a game that I should definitely check out (assuming I haven’t played it yet) or heard some wicked video game music or remixes that I should add to my playlist, either drop a line in the comments, or send me an email. I love interacting with my readers and I do my best to answer everyone’s questions, comments and concerns.

Nice. But how’d it all start?

I’ve always loved video games, ever since my dad got me the original NES way back in Christmas of 1992. Since that day, almost 25 years ago, video games and video game music have made a significant impact in my life, teaching me lessons of morality, courage and perseverance, while giving me awesome tunes to listen to while I’m studying, working out or even relaxing. I’ve always wanted to share with people just how much they meant to me, as I went from an extremely awkward and lonely problem child with ADHD to a highly functional, significantly less ADHD but still somewhat awkward adult.

I was introduced to coffee when I started working professionally, almost ten years ago. At first, I drowned my cups with sugar and milk, before realizing that keeping the drink simple – black, with no cream and no sugar – was the key, not only to delicious coffee, but to becoming a professional success as well. Black coffee, with its delicate notes of flavour and bewitching aroma, exudes an air of sophistication without trying to be overbearing, which was the opposite of what I was doing when I started my career. To this day, the inky darkness in my mug continues to remind me to keep it simple, don’t overreact and, above all, be cool and graceful. Exactly how a proper adult should be.

To me, “Games” represent the lessons I’ve learned in life, emulating the virtues of the characters I’ve grown up with and shaping myself to be a better person because of their stories, words and actions. “Coffee” signifies elegance, maturity and confidence in one’s abilities, things that I’ve gained in the last ten years. You put them together and you get “Games with Coffee;” A simple blog about a responsible, grown-ass man who still plays video games and listens to game music.

Um… Wow… Is there a tl;dr version of this?

“Games with Coffee;” A simple blog about a responsible, grown-ass man who still plays video games and listens to game music?

Eh, that works. Thanks.

No problemo. Enjoy your time here.

*I lied, I’m totally bragging. Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart.