About Games with Coffee

Do you love stories about video games? Do you love to drink coffee? Do you love to read said stories whilst downing a scalding, yet delightful, draught of darkness?

If your answer is “Yes” to all of those, then you’ve come to the right place!

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Ryan and I welcome you to “Games with Coffee” – the blog for the Mature, Distinguished Gamer.

I established this site back in 2017 to talk about my thoughts of games that I’m currently playing, whether it’s brand new or really old, the video game music and remixing scene, tips on how to balance your responsibilities with your desire to play games and personal stories about how my life has been influenced by this amazing industry.

This site will also be the spot where you can read my exclusive fictional work, including my epic fanfiction passion project, Mobius VII, which will be released in installments starting mid-2020.


A tale of coffee cup and controller, eternally told

Video games have been my lifeline since I was a child and it’s because of these games, and the stories that they tell, that I became a writer myself. Coffee has been my lifeline to keep me awake and more energized as I continue to live my best life. Put them together and you get Games with Coffee!

If you’re looking to get started, please consider reading this post first and then go through the archives! If you’re looking for quick advice on bettering yourself, consider reading “The Guide to Being A Mature, Distinguished Gamer,” starting with this post.

For my writing, consider checking out the Fanfiction tab on the main menu above. You’ll find links and pages to my ongoing fanfiction works, like The Legend of Zelda: Black and White or Mobius VII.

If you also want to read my contributions to other sites, please check out my Collaborations page, where you can find links to entries from well-respected sites like The Well Red Mage or Normal Happenings!

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Being a Mature, Distinguished Gamer takes more than being a kind and decent person; it also requires one to discipline themselves, balance everyday obligations and even use the systems they learn about in gaming to get ahead in this crazy and busy world we live in. That’s where this blog comes into play. I truly hope you enjoy your stay here and, as I always say at the end of each post, I remind you to Keep Gaming and Keep Brewing!