The First Post (or Why You Should Read This Video Game Blog Above All Others)

The End.


Those words on the screen signify the end of the story; the game is over and all the conflicts have been resolved. You’ve beat the final boss, saved the world, the friendships between your characters are now at their most strongest and maybe some of them (likely the male and female leads) have started a budding romance. All is well.


The Game Over screen you actually want to see. (Image from Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered)

You move to shut off the console, the handheld or the PC to return to reality – there are bills to pay, work to get done in the office, school to catch up with, coffee to drink,  family issues… you know, the everyday things you have to deal with. At this point though, right before you hit that OFF button, you’ll probably fall in either one of two camps:

That game you spent days, weeks or even months trying to beat? Once it’s off for good, it sits back on your shelf and starts to collect dust as you move on to something else. Eventually, the story, the gameplay, the music, the characters and memorable moments move away to the furthest corners of your mind, forgotten for the moment but never really gone. And then one day, you hear a familiar tune from the game, or you read up about someone’s experience with it on the internet, perhaps on this very site, and BAM! It all comes back and you rush to play and relive every moment once again.


Perhaps this impossible-to-find item here may have brought it all back? (Image by Nintendo)

Or you finish it and you’ve discovered that it’s changed your whole outlook on life. You’re obsessed with the game, the series and maybe the entire fictional universe it’s set in. You devour articles and videos by other players, hoping that you’ve missed something just so you have an excuse to dive back in. You delve into the fanfiction about your favourite characters, you download the soundtracks or find remixes online to listen to on a daily basis on your way to work or school. You even look for the right merchandise to proudly show off your love of the game or the series itself.


I used to have more to show off, but then I took an arrow to the knee.*

Somehow, you come across this site and you see that I may have had the very same experience as you, and you decide pop off a comment, start a discussion or even request to contribute your own story about how this game has affected you in a positive way. Perhaps it’s got you through some tough times? Or it’s one of the many reasons why you push yourself to be where you are today?

Whatever’s the case, I’ve been in both camps before. From remembering fond memories of retro games I used to play thanks to emulation, remakes and re-releases, to my eternal love for all things Final Fantasy, Sonic the Hedgehog and Legend of Zelda and how they’ve changed my life, the video gaming world has shaped me to be the man I am today.

That’s why I’ve started this blog – to share my story about how the games I’ve played made me go from a snot-nosed kid with an attitude problem, to a mature and sophisticated gamer, and about how the games I play today will help me to learn and grow as a person going forward. To hear from others who feel the same way. And then one day, because of our shared love of video games, maybe we can all understand one another better. All of this, whilst downing gallons of coffee along the way.



I’ve asked Prosecutor Godot here to be the unofficial site mascot. Three guess as to why. (GIF from morebuildingsandfood )

So, that’s the primer. If you want to know more about the coffee and gaming addicted individual writing these posts (ie. yours truly), check out the About Me page. Otherwise, welcome to “Games with Coffee.” Keep gaming and keep brewing.

*Skyrim reference. Apparently, when a guy says he “took an arrow to the knee,” he’s actually saying that he got down on one knee and proposed. Who knew?

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