Mobius VII

Miles “Tails” Prower, a former SOLDIER-turned mercenary for hire, has just landed his first gig: Destroying one of the reactors and RINGTEK processing plants that power the gargantuan city of Megapolis, headed by Kintobor Incorporated.

But when he’s asked to be a bodyguard for a mysterious flower girl during a chance encounter, Tails finds himself on a collision course with a deadly foe from his past… A past that he’s not all too sure about…

What begins as a rebellion against an evil corporation becomes something more. And what erupts goes beyond imagination.

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Book I: Escape From The City

Chapter 1: The Price of Freedom

Chapter 2: A Premonition

Chapter 3: The Childhood Friend

Chapter 4: The Leader of TORNADO

Chapter 5: Prelude

Chapter 6: Bombing Mission

Chapter 7: Escape

Chapter 8: Random Encounters

Chapter 9: Aboard the Megapolis Express

Chapter 10: Promises and Payments

Chapter 11: Emeralds – A Primer

Chapter 12: Train Troubles

Chapter 13: Through a Rotten Slice

Chapter 14: Reactor No. 5

Chapter 15: Trap

Chapter 16: Alpha

Chapter 17: The Flower Girl From the Slums

Chapter 18: The Road Home

Chapter 19: The Chaotix

Chapter 20: An Urban Dilemma

Chapter 21: A Night at Cosmo’s

Chapter 22: Playground Chat

Chapter 23: Reuniting in Wall Market

Chapter 24: A Vixen for the Night

Chapter 25: Outfoxing a Dilettante

Chapter 26: The Race to Sector 7

Chapter 27: Facing the Chaotix

Chapter 28: Aftermath

Chapter 29: Rose’s Story

Chapter 30: A Hidden Agenda

Chapter 31: The Former Freedom Fighters

Chapter 32: Infiltration

Chapter 33: The Wizard of Genetics

Chapter 34: The Crystal Golem

Chapter 35: End Of The Line

Chapter 36: Trail of Blood

Chapter 37: The New President

Chapter 38: Elevator Ambush

Chapter 39: Escape From The City

Chapter 40: No More Running

Chapter 41: Consequences

Chapter 42: On Our Way


Character Biographies

Miles “Tails” Prower

Job: Mercenary (Former member of SOLDIER)

Age: 21

Weapon: Greatsword

Birthplace: Knothole

The protagonist of Mobius VII. Originally a member of Kintobor’s elite special forces group, SOLDIER, he now works as a mercenary. At the start of the story, he finds himself in Megapolis and runs into Cream – his childhood friend from Knothole. Cream offered him both a place to stay and a job, both of which he had heartily accepted.

As a SOLDIER, Tails (as he prefers to be called) was given Energen enhancements that have gifted him with enhanced physical strength, stamina and magical aptitude, along with heightened senses and improved natural healing. These enhancements pale in comparison to his greatest, natural weapon: his mind. Tails is a gifted military tactician and a mechanical and computer genius. These traits in combination with his Buster Sword – a massive, single edged greatsword – make the two-tailed fox a force to be reckoned with. However, his natural curiosity to find out how things work – particularly machines – is constantly at odds with his objective-focused nature.

Tails was born with two identical tails, hence the nickname. He uses them both for fighting and for another use: flying. The tails themselves are very bushy in nature and can capture updrafts, which allow the fox to fly and remain airborne for a short time. His SOLDIER enhancements only serve to increase his flight time, with him able to scale up a four story building without breaking a sweat.

Tails can be cold and aloof at times, but deep down he has a caring heart and can’t stand to see injustice happen on his watch.

Cosmo Woodswillow

Job: Florist

Age: 22

Weapon: Staff

Birthplace: Unknown

Young, beautiful and very mysterious, Cosmo met Tails during the latter’s escape from Reactor No.1. The two once again cross paths in the Sector 5 Church after the destruction of Reactor No.5 sent Tails plummeting into her flower bed. On their second meeting, she hires him to be a bodyguard in exchange for one date.

Cosmo has a unique connection to Planet Mobius, of which she is not greatly enthused about. The planet occasionally bequeaths visions to her that she finds utterly intrusive and repulsive. She knows little about the powers she possesses and does not have any desire to explore them in earnest; instead she fears them and what they represent. To that end, she represses them and tries to live her life as normally as possible. Unfortunately for her, Kintobor Incorporated has taken a great deal of interest in these latent abilities of hers. The company has been keeping tabs on her and has not-so-subtly been trying to coerce her into working with them.

While outwardly very sweet and friendly, inwardly, Cosmo is quite cynical and sarcastic due to various negative life experiences; the most traumatic being the death of her mother at a young age. She lives with her adoptive mother – Rose – in a small nook within the residential section of the Sector 5 Slums.

When she’s not avoiding capture by Kintobor’s forces, she can be found selling the flowers that she grew from the patch at the Church, which are considered a rare commodity in the city. She is also very adept at using magic – likely due to her strong connection to the Planet – and is quite proficient at fighting with a staff.

Cream Rabbelocke

Job: Owner and Operator of Vanilla’s Haven, TORNADO Member

Age: 20

Weapon: Gloves, Knuckles and Claws

Birthplace: Knothole

A childhood friend of Tails, Cream makes a living as the owner of a respectable restaurant and bar in the Sector 7 Slums that was named after her late mother. Cheerful, optimistic and possessing a sunny disposition, Cream never hesitates to bring others up or to provide encouragement to the team when things are looking bleak. However, beneath her pretty looks lies a fierce and indomitable warrior’s spirit that was honed through years of rigorous martial arts training. Many an overzealous patron who tried to put the moves on the rabbit had been forcefully thrown out of the bar by her own hand, each sporting black and blue bruises and broken bones.

Her bright outlook on life belies a deep and inner hatred for the Kintobor, which stemmed from an incident that razed her and Tails’ hometown five years ago. Seeing that Bark was on the same page, she volunteered to join his cause in taking the company down and offered to use the basement of her restaurant as TORNADO’s base of operations. Despite her malice towards the company, she’s not completely comfortable with the extreme measures the bear is willing to go to.

Cream goes to great lengths to deny any strong feelings towards Tails, but truthfully, she is very concerned for the swordsman’s well-being and goes to great lengths to ensure that he’s OK.

Bark Froster

Job: Leader of TORNADO

Age: 33

Weapon: Gun-Arm

Birthplace: Anthraton

Bark leads a group called TORNADO, a ragtag, eco-terrorist organization that is a splinter cell of the Freedom Fighters – the first and original resistance group that fought against Kintobor Incorporated’s tyranny. Bark is brash, reckless and frequently uses his large frame and Gun-Arm to intimidate others. He takes great pleasure in making Kintobor suffer, but is aware of the ramifications his actions have on the locals.

Despite his rough and tumble appearance, Bark cares deeply for his teammates and fosters an especially strong love for his adopted daughter, Hope. Her being a Human had not stopped Bark from treating her as if she was his own flesh and blood.

Bark’s primary motivation for his crusade stems from an incident in his hometown four years ago. In it, his wife and newborn son died and he places the blame solely on Kintobor. However… there appears to be more to it than what the bear lets on about…

The Chaotix


Job: Leader of The Chaotix (Former Guardian)

Age: 28

Weapon: Clawed Knuckles, Handgun

Birthplace: Angel Island

Leader of the all-Mobian special forces team, “The Chaotix,” Knuckles is a stern and cold individual. He strives for efficiency in everything that he does and he expects the same from his team. Knuckles is a cold-blooded killer who rose through the ranks to become the youngest leader of the Chaotix since its inception.

Not much is known about his past, but it seems that he belonged to a group called the Guardians. What that means will be revealed throughout the story, but his Guardianship is a touchy subject to him…

President Kintobor

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World Archives


First Appearance:

Chapter 1: The Price of Freedom


*Excerpts from “The Untold Story of Kintobor Incorporated” by Kirby, a historian.*

The city of Megapolis is considered a marvel of architecture and engineering. What originally started as a small kingdom surrounded by eight villages became a metropolis that is the home of over two million Humans and a million and a half Mobians. 

The size of the upper city is roughly 28 kilometers (~17.5 miles) in diameter and is raised 100 meters (~328 feet) above the ground. The thickness of the Plate, which houses the upper city is roughly 25 meters (82 feet). Each of the eight sections of the upper city are supported by one massive concrete and steel pillar with several thousand smaller pillars positioned around for stability.

Each of the city’s eight segments are anchored to an enormous central structure that is approximately 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) wide in diameter. The central structure itself is buried almost a kilometer (0.62 miles) below the ground. 

The Kintobor Building is situated at the centre of Megapolis and serves as the global headquarters for Kintobor Incorporated. The egg-shaped building spans 70 stories and is approximately 530 meters (1,738 feet) tall at its highest point. Combined with it sitting on the 100 meter high central support column, the Kintobor Building reaches a total height of 630 meters (2,066 feet), making it the tallest, man-made structure on Mobius.

Residents of the upper plate have a generally high standard of living. Even those at the lowest income percentiles can afford the luxuries and amenities available to them. However, a major barrier to living topside is the high cost of entry. Despite the supply being readily available, real estate costs are prohibitively expensive. Unless they have exorbitant amounts of mobium to spare, most residents start out in slums beneath the city.

The lower city is made up of the small villages and towns that existed prior to Megapolis’ construction. Upkeep of the lower city is dismal at best, with many dwellings being unfit for occupation. Funding to repair these buildings is scant, with most of the budget focused on maintaining basic utilities. It’s been said that the Department of Urban Housing and Development had its budget continually cut in favour of technological advancement, but this author has no concrete evidence suggesting otherwise.

Along with taxes, there are several additional fees levied against the Mobian population, given their supposed involvement in the Great War two decades ago. Kintobor argues that these fees do not exist, however evidence has been documented many times without any resolution from the current bureaucracy. It is likely due to the President’s prejudiced views about Mobians versus Humans, but the reasoning behind that view has not been disclosed. I propose several theories in a later chapter.

Facilitating the rapid development of the city was the discovery and use of Energen (see Chapter 5: Energen and the Rise to Power).


First Appearance:

Chapter 4: The Leader of TORNADO


Energen is a wispy, liquid natural resource that sits deep within Mobius’s crust. Once processed, Energen has a power output ten times greater than other fossil fuels. Processing and refinement is done using an Energen Reactor. Once refined, Energen is then used as fuel to produce electricity for homes, businesses and the vast industrial complexes within the city.

The term “Energen” was to be a placeholder until Marketing could come up with another name. Over time, the name ended up sticking around until it was adopted as the primary descriptor of the energy source.

*Archive Update*

According to TORNADO’s manifesto, the extraction and consumption of Energen is slowly killing all life on Mobius. Over the decades, the lands surrounding the city have degraded into a harsh and arid wasteland, of which it is only spreading further outwards. TORNADO argues that unless something is done, all life on the planet will die out. To that end, they have announced that they would go to extreme measures to stop Kintobor Incorporated’s Reactors from extracting and processing more Energen.


First Appearance:

Chapter 4: Bombing Mission


*Excerpts from “The Untold Story of Kintobor Incorporated” by Kirby, a historian.*

Ring Technology – shortened to RINGTEK – was developed by Kintobor Power Incorporated as a type of advanced fuel cell. It was introduced after the war against Chun-nan, at around the same time as the Roboticizer. 

Processed Energen is poured into molds containing a grey, conductive material and is then casted into a super-charged ring shaped battery. These can then be used to power various types of electronics and machinery; from everyday household items like tele-crates or refrigerators and personal handsets, to vehicles, medical equipment, heavy machinery and even weapons of war. When introduced to the public, Kintobor stated that the power capacity of RINGTEK was so efficient that one ring could theoretically run a pacemaker to keep someone alive for generations. The greatest advantage of RINGTEK was its eco-friendliness. Consuming Energen releases smog-like fumes into the air, which lowers the overall air quality in Megapolis. Conversely, RINGTEK does not release any pollutants into the air.

The creation of RINGTEK ushered in a golden age for Mobius. Such change, though, was not without consequences. For all of its advantages, RINGTEK batteries are sadly non-rechargeable. This flaw results in used rings being discarded and replaced at an alarming rate due to the high power demand current technology requires. While the machines used to cast the rings have minimal power input requirements, the RINGTEK casting process requires large amounts of air and water which then results in polluted exhaust fumes and radioactive runoff being spewed and dumped carelessly into the slums below. 

However, since RINGTEK was so cheap to produce, the majority of the population did not take notice that the land surrounding the city was gradually degrading into a wasteland due to the pollution; instead, they continued to consume without heed to the environment.

Kintobor Incorporated

First Appearance

Chapter 1: The Price of Freedom


A dynastic company stretching for generations, Kintobor Incorporated is the de facto world leader on Mobius. Originally an agricultural company, the dynasty expanded into warfare after one of the many Human-Mobian conflicts decimated their farmlands in the small subset of kingdoms that would eventually become Megapolis. Over the course of 130 years – starting with Ivan Kintobor, the first scion of the family – Kintobor Incorporated transformed into the militaristic and energy powerhouse that it is today. Its current leader is Gerald Kintobor, who is both a calculating president and an ambitious scientist of great renown.

*Excerpts from “The Untold Story of Kintobor Incorporated” by Kirby, a historian.*

Realizing that Kintobor’s weapons and technology would better their lives, the people of Megapolis began to idolize the company and began valuing them more than their current leaders. Slowly but surely, Kintobor Inc. – with assurance from the people – began infiltrating other areas of governance, such as urban development, scientific research, public works, military and peace preservation until finally, the company assumed complete and total control of the city. 

Once in power, Kintobor began building the elevated city. It would be suspended by a massive central pillar and eight smaller pillars each supporting a plate. Like pieces of a pie, the eight plates circled around the central complex, where Kintobor Inc’s new global headquarters would be located. Powering this new, upper city were massive Energen Reactors, numbered to represent each plate. Over time, a portion of the reactors would be converted to produce RINGTEK, further elevating the company’s status among the people. The reborn Megapolis promised prosperity between Mobians and Humans, something that was thought to be impossible after generations of strife between the two. The president and current family head, Gerald Kintobor, was hailed as a hero.

*Chapter 2: A Premonition has the remainder of the excerpt, read aloud by Cosmo*


First Appearance

Chapter 2: A Premonition


Roboticization is the process of transforming organic matter into an inorganic, metallic form. It was created after the Great War which felled the city of Mobotropolis and decimated the Acorn Royal Family. Originally slated to be used as a medical procedure to replace missing limbs, Kintobor has abused the technology and had captured Mobians en masse to create robotic slaves to do his bidding. These Robians – Roboticized Mobians – were programmed for many duties, such as eliminating the Mutates that made their living in the wastes underneath the Plate or patrolling the interiors of the Energen Reactors. They are tasked to eliminate all visual targets on sight and do not discriminate between Mutate, Mobian or Human.

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