Whatcha Up To, Coffee?! – #9

A weekly status update from everyone’s favourite caffeinated weirdo.

Hey everyone! It’s Coffee and it’s time for more Games with Coffee.

So, I ended up getting sick last Saturday. *Big, damn surprise!*

I was out of it for the whole weekend and into the following week. It wasn’t until around Wednesday that I started to feel better enough to get back to things. Still, I ended up getting some things done this week, at least on the written side of things. Here’s whatcha boi was up to:

Whatcha Playin’, Coffee?

I said I’d probably beat Metroid Prime Remastered by the weekend and I did! Even while sick haha. I was right in the fact that it was hardly a challenge this time around. I ended up completing my run at just under 11 hours with 100% and no deaths. I wasn’t satisfied with that, so I started a Hard Mode run and yep, it felt just like the GameCube release all over again. Even the Meta Ridley fight was once again tough to beat! Though, I did discover the trick to fighting him without getting wrecked: Charged Plasma Beam shots! Seriously, Plasma Beam for the win on this guy! Once I nailed the timing down on when to fire the beams, it was all gravy, baby. And then Metroid Prime was still a joke at the end HAHA. In the end, I finished the game with 100% in just over 8 hours. No deathless because… well, Meta Ridley.

I finally received my brand-new Miyoo Mini Plus this week! I love these handheld emulation devices. I had a GCW ZERO as far back as 2014 and it was a faithful little guy until I accidentally broke it three years later when I tried to update the buttons. I even wrote about it on the blog.

I spent some time tinkering with the Mini and uploading my own titles to test it out and I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with it so far. I even shot some unboxing videos to use for my YouTube channel, which I’ll talk about later.

I also fired up Sonic Frontiers near the tail end of the week to delve into the new, free DLC. The game adds a Jukebox mode and the very first thing I did was hunt down any Sonic Unleashed music and turn it on to loop infinitely. Can you blame me? Sonic Unleashed’s soundtrack is the GSSOAT (Greatest Sonic Soundtrack Of All Time) in my eyes, of course, I’m gonna play it in the first-ever Open Zone Sonic game! Next, I plan on playing with Photo Mode to use in my critique of the game, which I still am aiming to finish by the end of March.

Whatcha Writin’, Coffee?

First thing’s first: Stats for this week:

Chapters complete: 1

Chapter in progress: 2

Chapters remaining: 47

Words wrote:  3,252 (A net increase of 879 words from last week)

Somehow, getting sick helped me to get back into my groove for writing. I went back to my Chapter 2 draft and overhauled the recap sequence multiple times until I got to a point where I was satisfied. Now, I just need to finish the chapter.

I’m taking a pause on the fatherhood post until the Sonic Frontiers write-up is done. Progress is ongoing on the critique and I should be ready by the month’s end. 

April is almost here and that means the launch of the new Mobius VII website! I’ll take this coming week to quickly touch up the chapters, change a few details to match up with things I’m writing for Book 2 and then, go live!

Whatcha Watchin’, Coffee?

Strangely enough, despite being sick, I didn’t watch much. Well, I tend to play games more than watch TV or anything. I do make exceptions for Twitch streams though, and I missed a BIG one featuring my good friends, Ducks in Disguise and RedAUX! A production company! That’s freakin’ huge, I’m so proud!

I did settle in and watched the series finale of This Is Us with Mrs. Coffee on Sunday night. With the craziness of two kids, it’s hard for both of us to sit down together and watch something, let alone something we both enjoy. This Is Us is kinda corny and sappy and is designed solely to tug at people’s heartstrings, but I still ended up watching it because I wanted to spend more time with the wife. That’s pretty much the big reason why I’ve given up the Sunday streams and am replacing them with weekday ones instead.

How’s Trainin’, Coffee?

Only got one proper workout in, as opposed to four last week. A major bummer, but, one must rest when being sick. I managed to do a full-body Kettlebell workout on Friday. It was also nice enough this week for Kid Espresso and me to finally resume walking to and from school! So, some mid-intensity cardio on top of the weights stuff.

Whatcha Creatin’, Coffee?

I shot some B-rolls of the Miyoo Mini Plus unboxing. It looks good on reflection. I still have the other two unboxing videos to finish up PLUS an introduction to my channel video to do. Jeez Louise, how do content creators do this??

(Want to share your secrets? Share in the comments, or get in touch with me! I could use the advice!)

Ahem. Anyway. Since I spent the week writing, I didn’t do much else on the creative side of things. Oh, I did muck around with my other LoFi ideas. Still so much to do…

Ah! The overlays also need updating, I’ll need to get cracking on those as well. I also return to streams in a couple weeks’ time, so I need to bee ready.

Next week FOR SURE I will get rolling on video stuff! Unless this goddamn persistent, dry cough gets in the way. *growls*

So, how has this past week treated you? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you next week!


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