Whatcha Up To, Coffee?! – #4

A weekly status update from everyone’s favourite caffeinated weirdo.

No cap, this week was a terrible one. Kid Espresso got a viral infection that made him break out in some nasty rashes all over his body, it’s not been pretty. Between late nights treating his itches and trying to manage my day job, I wasn’t able to accomplish everything that I set out to do this week. Nevertheless, I did manage to get some stuff done. So, here’s whatcha boi’s been up to:

Whatcha Playin’, Coffee?

Night times are the best times. It’s the only time in the day that I can actually get to gaming. I finished God of War Ragnarok’s main story over the weekend and CRIED. Atreus going off on his own adventures away from his father caused me extreme emotional damage. Scratch that; every father and son moment in that game has caused me emotional damage!

I keep thinking that in the next 15 or so years, Kid Espresso will be going on his own way to do his own stuff and I will never be ready for that moment. Despite him being sick, I’ve been putting my priorities on spending lots of time with him. Ragnarok taught me that time is precious with your loved ones, so savour each moment while they last.

Now, I’m cleaning up the remains of Ragnarok – hunting down the remnants of the Einherjar, taking down Odin’s ravens, beating those pesky Berserkers and 100%-ing all realms. I will be so sad when I finish everything the game has to offer!

Simultaneously, I’m playing more Crisis Core Reunion. I’ve reached the endgame area and can now participate in all missions. Also got my Costly Punch Materia, so now I just have to raise my stats/levels, and gather the best gear to take on the super boss before wiping the floor with Genesis. I’m also sad that I’m near the end, even though I know what happens.

Whatcha Writin’, Coffee?

The outline for Book 2 has been completed! Man, oh man, it’s been a journey! It’s taken me about two years to get to this point. It will probably take me just as long to finish the first draft. Speaking of fanfiction, I had an interview with ProfNoctis, the EIC of The Pixels (where I also write for, shameless plugs aside haha) about the Mobius VII project. Go check it out here! While basking in my victory, I have been busy updating the biographies of all the characters in the story. I’m uploading those to the new site shortly. Next week though, I will start the draft. It’s going to be exciting!

On the Games with Coffee front, I couldn’t finish my post about my thoughts on how the Gaming Industry and the Media unintentionally contribute to gatekeeping behaviour. I will aim to get this done for next week instead. It’s been a difficult topic to tackle, but one that’s necessary. It’s helped me to reevaluate how to be a better member of this shared hobby of ours.

Whatcha Watchin’, Coffee?

Kid Espresso has been hooked on Mario Bros. this week. That’s all we’ve been watching lately – long plays of Mario games, and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. All this Mario exposure has given me a hankering for playing some Mario games on my own. Which is way past not cool! I gotta get back on the Sonic train, lest I lose my Sonic Fan card!

How’s Trainin’, Coffee?

Got one great workout this week, and nothing else. I’ve been too tired. Dealing with Kid Espresso waking up screaming in the middle of the night because his whole body itches like the devil are not fun. Ah well, this is all baby steps. I have workouts that are quick, intense and fun to do, so it’s not like the motivation isn’t there.

I’m going to start focusing on body recomposition starting next week. It’s almost like gaming, in a sense. Eating foods to hit my macros, training to get stronger, and managing my time efficiently, it’s almost like I’ve done this several times before. *wink*.

Whatcha Streamin’, Coffee?

I have been making progress on the streaming/video editing front! That’s probably the best thing about this week. I stitched together 1-second clips of gameplay from recent streams, and combined them with some fancy effects to create my intro video! I’ll be using this both on stream and on my YouTube channel. Yay! All I need now is to add some sound and do some tweaking on the animations and I should be ready to go with filming stuff! Next on the list are the custom transitions, be right back screens and the Streaming Soon/End Credits videos. Plus, there are logo updates, a facts screen (I’m really excited about that one!) and a whole bunch of other stuff!

Games With Coffee

Enriching the Stewards of Gaming, One Cup At A Time

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