Whatcha Up To, Coffee?! – #2

A weekly status update from everyone’s favourite caffeinated weirdo.

Hey everyone! It’s Coffee and it’s time for more Games with Coffee.

Week two has been a bit busier than week one has been. However, it was also an extremely productive one. That said, here’s whatcha boi’s been up to:

Whatcha Playin’, Coffee?

Oh man, God of War! Seriously, Ragnarok did not have to go that hard with the story, but it did. Atreus travels to Asgard on his own, works with Odin to piece together a mask, fights alongside Thor in Muspelheim… It’s so unreal! And now, as Kratos, I found the Norns – the Fates in Norse Mythology – and learned of Atreus’ foretold death at the hands of Heimdal. So, Kratos is gonna do what he does best – defy fate! I’m glad that I now have some time to play this game. It’s definitely deserving of GOTY, despite Elden Ring winning in the end.

Segueing into Crisis Core Reunion, I’ve now reached the start of the Nibelheim incident. I’m taking my time to complete more missions – especially the missable ones. After Nibelheim, I can’t access them anymore, which means I’ll miss out on the best rewards. So, I gotta get those done before I trek to Cloud’s hometown. I have to say, the new Buster Sword mechanics are so OP, I love it! I do hate how it’s a slog to increase the proficiency stat though.

Whatcha Writin’, Coffee?

The outline for Book 2 of Mobius VII is just about wrapped up. I will include one final chapter in that book to foreshadow future events. Kinda like what’s been done for the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII games. I should start the first draft by mid-February or so. 

I’ve also taken some time to update the new Mobius VII website! I’ve put in the new cover logo and site icon. I’m pleased about how they turned out! The story finally has its own identity away from my blog. I’ll begin migrating the character bios and world-building sections to the new site and simultaneously update them. From there, I’ll do a final once over on content, open the site, and start adding more chapters! I’ll put up notices well in advance to follow and bookmark the site for future updates.

On Games with Coffee, I’ve put up my post about moving to a Stewardship model instead of Gatekeeping. I’ve received some great feedback from it; some of which I can use to write a follow-up. Next, I want to explore how the media and the gaming industry affect gatekeeping and what we can do to combat it. It’s an interesting topic and one that I feel will generate some interesting discussions about how negativity sells.

Whatcha Watchin’, Coffee?

I’ve finally introduced Kid Espresso to the fever dream that is the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. So far, he likes it. As for me, man, does it bring back memories. I was his age when I started watching it, all the way back in 1992. I have also been watching the Legend of Zelda animated series, which I have a soft spot for. Yes, it’s corny, and yes, Link is a sexist jerk in that series (and I made sure to explain that clearly to my eldest), but it was my initiation of sorts into both High Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda.

How’s Trainin’, Coffee?

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

The grind continues! I have a routine down for my current spell of workouts – two days of the upper body, two days of the lower body and one day of bodyweight conditioning. I do some additional pull-ups every couple of days. My focus right now is on lifting heavier loads while being careful not to overexert and injure myself in the process.

Whatcha Streamin’, Coffee?

No streaming work this week, although I want to incorporate some awesome colour pallets I found while searching through my bookmarked tweets earlier. I have a neat transition effect in mind, I just need to test it out and see how it looks. I also need to get cracking on the other items on my list – Streaming Soon/Intro, Credits/Outro and updated overlay graphics.

This section will also include video production, because why not? I’m embarking on a new venture: video reviews of stuff! I shot some B-rolls of the two items that I want to review, I just need to shoot some footage of myself talking about the items, create animations for intros/outros and transitions, stitch it all together, and then post it on YouTube.

I’m also thinking of starting up a moich store. Yes, I said moich, not merch, but you get the gist. The new Games with Coffee logo looks so good that I can’t pass up an opportunity to get it on a hat or on a coffee mug.

So, how has your week been? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you next Friday!


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