Whatcha Up To, Coffee?! – #11

A weekly status update from everyone’s favourite caffeinated weirdo.

Hey everyone! It’s Coffee and it’s time for more Games with Coffee.

Gonna be short and sweet this week – I’m busy setting things up for next week as both the Mobius VII site officially goes live and I resume streaming starting on Tuesday! Let’s get to it then.

Here’s whatcha boi’s been up to:

Whatcha Playin’, Coffee?

I completed The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog during Tuesday’s stream. Spoilers: Sonic does not die. Sorry haters! The “murder” aspect is all part of the murder mystery game. Events within the game reveal that the train itself was a badnik created by Dr. Eggman. Its goal is to deliver Sonic and his friends to the doctor so that it can get its wish: to be with the train conductor forever! It’s very heartfelt, sincere and hilarious. I loved it!

Off-stream, I finished Hollow Knight! The White Palace was rough, but I got through it, went to the Birthplace and got the best ending for the game! I’ve set it down though to begin Cadence of Hyrule. I’ll return to tackle the Pantheons one day. Cadence is actually very fun! It’s a rhythm-based roguelike and it’s pretty hard, haha. I hadn’t got too far and I need to motor on this since the trial ends this weekend. I get the feeling that I’ll get the full version soon enough.

At the time of writing, there are seven more days until Tears of the Kingdom comes out. Max hype!

Whatcha Writin’, Coffee?

First things first. Stats for this week:

Book 2 Stats:

Chapters complete: 2

Chapter in progress: 3

Chapters remaining: 46

Words wrote:  4,596 (A net increase of 1,566 words from last week)

Book 1 Repost Stats:

Chapters Posted: 12

Chapters Scheduled: 6

Chapters Remaining to Convert: 24 

This Week’s Chapters:

Chapter 10: Of Promises and Payments

Chapter 11: Emeralds – A Primer

Chapter 12: Train Troubles

And the full chapter list is here.

OK, I’m getting there. Book 2 progress has resumed thanks to leaving my laptop out in the open for me to pick up after a shower. Monday was great, Tuesday was a wash due to streaming and made even more progress on Wednesday and Thursday. I’ve had to revisit chapter two to flesh in some details I missed from Book 1 to connect both books together. Chapter three feels like the most challenging thus far, but I’m making good progress. Gosh darn it, it’s May… I need to step it up here if I’m gonna make it for the 2024 release.

The Hollow Knight post is coming along nicely and more organically than the God of War post. Look for it sometime next Wednesday.

Whatcha Watchin’, Coffee?

My time’s being spent writing, so no new movies or TV shows, unfortunately.

How’s Trainin’, Coffee?

It had to happen in the sixth week. On Thursday afternoon, while doing the final part of my four-week pushup challenge, I felt a pulling, crackling sensation on the right middle side of my back and injured it. It’s actually an old injury I had last year that got reaggravated, really, but it sucks! I couldn’t even work out on Friday. I have to go see my specialist on Saturday to hopefully fix it, so I’m hoping I can get back on track for Monday.

Here’s this past week’s routine:

Monday: Full Body Single Kettlebell Workout

Tuesday: Push-up Challenge Week 2 (4 sets of 20 reps)

Wednesday: Leg Day (Kettlebell Squats, Lunges, Split Lunges and Swings)

Thursday: Push-up Challenge Week 2 (3 sets of 20 reps) -> Got Injured Here

Friday: Upper Body Single Kettlebell Workout (Not done due to injury)

Despite the injury, I made good progress, especially on the pushup front. I’ll be resting myself for next week. I can, on the other hand, begin my cut starting on Monday.

Whatcha Creatin’, Coffee?

The stream has once again been a success, in my eyes. I have clips that need to be extracted and shared. I did something different this time around by showing off some of my Sonic Comic collection. I chose issue #34 of the Sonic Archie series, published in May 1996. I think it’ll be a good way to show off some of my extensive Sonic memorabilia.

For next week’s “Tell Me Something Good” segment, I’m going to share some good news that I found online. I figure that if I highlight the good news that’s around us, it’ll entice other people to share their good news too. It’s worth a shot.

So, how has this past week treated you? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you next week!


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