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  • Travelling Essentials for the Mature, Distinguished Gamer

    Good morning and welcome to another edition of “Games with Coffee.” Summertime’s almost here and with it, comes the desire to travel. As mature, distinguished gamers such as ourselves, whether it’s within the country (Canada’s turning 150 this year, so now’s as good a time as any to explore this great land), across the border or… Read more

  • “The Legend of Zelda:” How Link’s Altruism Helped Me to Channel My Inner Hero

    Good morning and welcome to another edition of “Games with Coffee.” How’s everyone today? Here up north, we’re winding down the Victoria Day long weekend*, the unofficial start of the summer. We’ve finally left behind the ice, snow and frigid temperatures associated with winter and are left with gradually warming temperatures, the sweet smell of the air… Read more

  • My How-To Guide on Living with Non-Gamers: Spoken From Experience

    Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of “Games with Coffee.”  Grab a brew of beany awesomeness, sit down and let’s chat about an interesting subject. As mature, distinguished gamers, we all have to face this particular reality at one point of our lives: how to live with others who have minimal or no interest in… Read more

  • Video Game Music: Why It’s My Personal Soundtrack To Life

    Good morning everyone, and welcome to another edition of “Games with Coffee.” Grab your favourite mug and a pair of headphones, because I’m going to talk to you about a subject that’s dear to my heart: Video Game Music! Video game music (which I’ll abbreviate to VGM) has evolved far beyond its origins back in the 70’s and 80’s,… Read more

  • Clash Royale: Life Lessons from a Mobile Battle Arena Game

    Good morning and welcome to another edition of “Games with Coffee.” How’s everyone doing? While I consider myself a traditionalist in the sense that I play games mainly on consoles, handhelds and sometimes on PC (*cough*emulation*cough*), I do enjoy the odd smart phone game here or there. The ones I’ve played recently are usually single-player… Read more

  • Super Mario Bros. 3 and the NES – On That Day 25 Years Ago…

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the inaugural edition of “Games with Coffee.” Ready to get this journey started? Then grab a chair, top up your mug and get ready to travel down Memory Lane, because I got a bunch of questions to ask you: Do you remember the very first video game… Read more

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